BlogCamp Switzerland 3.0:
Last remarks – and make sure you’re on the list

(Ging als Mail an alle im Wiki registrierten raus.)

Dear BlogCampers

We’re excited to see all of you tomorrow morning.

+++ Registration will be closing tonight at 20:00. +++
Again, make sure you are on this attendee list (i.e. not only a registered wiki member – see details about the difference here):
If you can’t make it, please change your status to «I won’t come».

+++ Please arrive early +++
As our event is embedded into «Tag der Informatik» which will be hosting multiple events in the Auditorium, our first hour will be on a tight schedule.
Introduction starts at 10:00 sharp. We recommend you arrive a little earlier (between at 9:15 and 9:45) to grab your name tag and the handouts.

+++ Some rooms might not have enough space +++
We expect Bundesrat Moritz Leuenberger’s session to be packed, so we will admit registered attendees wearing name tags first. We really hope we won’t need to send away anybody. (Again, that’s why it’s so important that you are on the list of attendees.)

+++ Check out what else will be going on +++
– Tag der Informatik:
– tweakGrill:
– BloggyFriday:

See you tomorrow!

Dominik, Remo, William and Peter